Early Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Are you concerned you or a loved one are suffering from bipolar disorder? Dr. David Flume and Dr. Daniel Ha at Flume Psychiatry in Austin, TX can provide the diagnosis and treatment you need to live your best life.

Early Warning Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive illness, as it involves episodes of both depression and mania. This condition is characterized by drastic shifts of energy and seemingly inexplicable mood swings that affect many people throughout life. However, the earlier you can recognize the signs, the earlier treatment can begin to help manage them. The following are some of the most common warning signs.

  • Sleep issues: Bipolar disorder can dramatically impact sleep. Some have trouble falling asleep, while others can sleep for just a few hours and feel fine. During the depressive phase, they might sleep for much longer than normal.
  • High levels of energy: Those with bipolar disorder will have periods of tremendous amounts of energy. They’ll typically seem jumpy or wired during this time, like someone who has had way too many cups of coffee.
  • Angry or aggressive outbursts: While everyone can have a bad day from time to time, people living with bipolar disorder can be incredibly irritable – and often, there seems to be no cause.
  • Risky behavior: Sufferers might frequently engage in risky behavior, including drinking, doing drugs, risky sexual encounters, and more. And typically, they will not realize that this behavior is negative or stop to consider the potential consequences.
  • Delusions and hallucinations: It’s not uncommon for those with bipolar disorder to see or hear things that aren’t there. And they’ll often have an inflated sense of self, thinking that their way is the only way or even that they have some type of superpower. 
  • Trouble maintaining train of thought: During the manic phase of bipolar disorder, the sufferer might talk very fast, switching from one thought to another almost without a breath in between.

These are just a few warning signs. Be mindful of the fact that just because you notice some or many of these signs does not automatically mean that bipolar disorder is to blame. These signs can actually be present in a variety of conditions. That’s why it’s essential that you seek help to get a proper diagnosis. Our providers can ensure that the correct diagnosis and treatment plan be developed.

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